We’re 4 months into 2015, it’s high time I post something on this blog again.

23 Apr

I haven’t posted at all this year. The second semester of university was a little more hectic and other things have been on my mind. That’s what I get for taking Environmental Problems and Psychology classes I guess..lots of thinking..pondering on the human mind, nature and purpose.. Well now exams are over, it’s the summer holidays and I’m in England. I have kind of a lot of free time that I intend to use to read, visit museums, go to places, get back to writing, re-figuring out my classes for next year, finding myself and stuff like that – and I intend to keep this blog updated with all that…but then I also just got Netflix and that might interfere with all of my plans. Hopefully, I am disciplined enough to not let it be so. Hopefully.

I have not been entirely not blogging though: my Enviro professor had assigned us to write four blog posts on the four different modules we studied. I enjoyed writing them, most of them are kind of doom’s day rants but weirdly enough she also really enjoyed them. She even suggested I show them to the University paper, noting that they are “worth sharing”. I have therefore decided to share them on this here blog first. Maybe you’ll like it too. Who knows? Anyways, they will be up soon.

I also have a Picture it & Write in my drafts…I will eventually post it I think because I really like the idea I was playing with.

Well hopefully I’ll get all this done…since I’m actually watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S on Netflix and I am about to Skype with my boyfriend.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaah I’ll post soon. Promise.


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