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We’re 4 months into 2015, it’s high time I post something on this blog again.

23 Apr

I haven’t posted at all this year. The second semester of university was a little more hectic and other things have been on my mind. That’s what I get for taking Environmental Problems and Psychology classes I guess..lots of thinking..pondering on the human mind, nature and purpose.. Well now exams are over, it’s the summer holidays and I’m in England. I have kind of a lot of free time that I intend to use to read, visit museums, go to places, get back to writing, re-figuring out my classes for next year, finding myself and stuff like that – and I intend to keep this blog updated with all that…but then I also just got Netflix and that might interfere with all of my plans. Hopefully, I am disciplined enough to not let it be so. Hopefully.

I have not been entirely not blogging though: my Enviro professor had assigned us to write four blog posts on the four different modules we studied. I enjoyed writing them, most of them are kind of doom’s day rants but weirdly enough she also really enjoyed them. She even suggested I show them to the University paper, noting that they are “worth sharing”. I have therefore decided to share them on this here blog first. Maybe you’ll like it too. Who knows? Anyways, they will be up soon.

I also have a Picture it & Write in my drafts…I will eventually post it I think because I really like the idea I was playing with.

Well hopefully I’ll get all this done…since I’m actually watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S on Netflix and I am about to Skype with my boyfriend.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaah I’ll post soon. Promise.


2014 was a pretty good year!

30 Dec

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here's an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 1,400 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 23 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

How To Ruin Your Life (Without Even Noticing That You Are)

16 Dec

Finally a useful hashtag: #mealforameal

1 Aug

Hello! This post is a short quick one about something I found out today and that I find important, possibly because it concerns food and helping fellow humans. Read on!

This week was definitely not a boring week. I mean, Orlando Bloom tried to punch the Biebs (yay!) and I caught my first 6 shinies, including one that is not a fish Pokémon (double yay!) in a Pokémon game. Let’s just say that I was previously unlucky, and that I was not really looking for them. Anyways, that was it for the insight in my life. Now, I’m addressing my fellow people of the social media, my friends on Facebook, my followers on Instagram and Twitter and all those on those social sites who don’t know me (hi!).

I’m not sure you heard about it so I’m spreading the news, Virgin Mobile Australia together with OzHarvest have a launched a hashtag initiative called #mealforameal and if you want a tad more info about it all go there. Basically, for every food picture anyone of you posts on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #mealforameal, a real meal will be given to someone who really needs it in Aussie.


I don’t live in Australia and maybe you don’t either but this is just a little thing you can actually do for free to help those in need, so why not? I know a lot of you post pictures of their food all the time, I plead guilty myself, so if one hashtag can make a difference, let’s do this! Okay? Okay.

Is it okay to cyber bully celebrities?

18 Jun

That is actually something I wrote on my old blog, but I thought it wouldn’t hurt to share it again.

The Diary Of Lex Keridwen

Look. Facebook, 9Gag and other sites are crammed of “memes” about say…  Justin Bieber or Kristen Stewart. There are an endless number of jokes going round about some celebrities. Why are they funny? Or rather why do people find them funny? Are they really that funny?

Okay okay. You may think I’m exaggerating by insinuating that these people making jokes and “memes” about celebrities are bullies. But then I’m not. The usual bullies pick on your perceived flaws, tease and taunt you endlessly in school or at work. The celebrities-cyber-bullies, too, follow a similar method, don’t you think? Furthermore the vertiginous amount of jokes, photographs, posts or tweets making fun of these celebrities could be identified as harassment. Then why are they considered that hilarious?

Celebrities are humans. They breathe, eat, sleep, love and dream just like anybody else. They have feelings and do get hurt. They make mistakes; take…

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