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Video Discovery Tuesday: Jabbawockeez Presents REGENERATE

4 Mar


The Jabbawockeez are the winners of the first season Dance show America’s Best Dance Crew. Their unique hip-hop skills and their trademark masks are what defines them. These guys are talent in pure state. You may know them from ABDC or their Pepsi commercial or even their cameo appearance in the movie Step Up 2 The Streets, or you may not know them at all but today’s a great opportunity to discover or re-discover them with this come-back video!

I love this video, not only because it’s Jabbawockeez work, but also because it is creative and radiates strength. Even though there is not much dancing you can feel the importance of dancing and art in this video.

What would we do if we lived in a world where art and culture have been outlawed and freedom is an old forgotten concept? Would you fight back? I know you would. I know I would.
Therefore, enjoy this rebellion where music, dance and poetry are depicted as the best weapons ever used in a war.
Hoping you’ll enjoy it,