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My 10 feel-better things

18 Jun

Sometimes I am sad, like all of us really. But I think I’m a bit special because I become upset for the most trivial stuff, stuff that don’t even have anything to do with me, like a fictional character dying or some fictional character’s goldfish dying. When this happens, I have special no-sadness strategies and I’m gonna share them with you:

10. Sniff my lip balm.

I have two lip balms and they both smell heavenly. One is Labello’s Vitamin Shake and smells like cranberry and raspberry and the other I received in a gift box and is mango and papaya flavoured. Sometimes I’m even tempted to eat them, but I tried that before and it is not happening again for obvious reasons.


9. Set a cute-ish silly-ish picture as my lock screen wallpaper on my smartphone.

At the moment this is my wallpaper and it does not disappoint:

Deer are SO majestic.

Deer are SO majestic.

Every time I pick my phone up, be it just to check the time, it never fails to make me smile.


8. Pet my dog


He is called MeeFoon and I think he is a Maltese(I’m not super used to English dog breeds names). What I know for sure though is that he is a little ball of love who loves petting 😀 and he perfectly fits this wiki‘s description: “Your Maltese will constantly want to be your right-hand man companion. He will be happy to sit by your side, hour after hour, while you read a book or watch television. But he will also love to accompany you wherever you go. They enjoy a good old fashioned walk with their owners and a trip in the car is always awesome. Maltese make decent watchdogs and will sound alarms when a stranger comes to the door. Once welcomed into the home, though, everyone is his or her friend. ” I thus concluded that MeeFoon is a Maltese.

7. Make Pokefusions.

Or rather, I fool around and create combinations that I wish I could draw. But I can’t draw so it’s not happening. Instead I can browse the Pokefusions tag on Tumblr and be impressed by other people’s art. Basically, good art cheers me up. Good Pokemon art gets me ecstatic. If you have never heard of Pokefusions before and you are a bit curious, here, check this out!

6. Androidify stuff

There’s an app on Play Store called Androidify and I’ve had it for a while. When I’m bored or when I am a bit sad it is my alternative to drawing. Well, it is more like the compromise between “damn, I could not draw to save my life” and “I still need to let the creativity out”. So far I’ve androidified Elvis, Marceline, Marshall Lee and Finn from Adventure Time, Hercule Poirot, Nick Fury, the Black Widow, plenty other fictional characters, celebrities and even some of my friends.

Marceline! This one was pretty basic..

This one was pretty basic..

5. Cook

Recently I started cooking and I found that it was another way for me to be creative. I don’t always follow recipes diligently and sometimes I free-style completely :p

I’ve made lasagna, cottage pie, cupcakes, coconut milk chicken curry, scones…but what I’m most proud of is my red pepper peri peri potato mash. There’s a story behind this pride: I went to Nando’s and had its Chunky Mash as side dish for my wrap. (Note: this is from the Mauritian menu, when I checked online the only other Nando’s menu I saw this mash on was the UAE one.) However my family had ordered too much food and when we shared among ourselves I ended up too full to finish my mash. I was heart broken. I was also determined to try my hand at making this mash at home. There was no recipe on the internet, the odds were not in my favour. So, equipped with imagination, taste and the three ingredients guideline from the menu, “red peppers, onions and peri peri sauce,” I did it. Yes. I did. You want proof?



I might share the recipe on this blog someday soon.

4. Look at the stars

This one is for the night time. I can be sad all day, but the moment the sun sets and I get to be alone outside looking at the stars, everything just seems right. MeeFoon is welcomed to keep me company in those moments but no other human presence is tolerated. Any trespasser won’t get to eat the mash.

3. Listen to Music

I bet you all so this one coming. Who does not listen to music to cheer themselves up when they are sad?  Maybe what you did not see coming is that I either listen to Muse or to my special motivation girl power playlist, because yes I have one. The songs on this playlist are quite varied; from Gloria Gaynor to P!nk en passant par Beyoncé and Natasha Bedingfield. This playlist is for special sadness occasion though. Usually, Muse is enough to get me from depression to revolution 😉 Maybe it is also interesting to note I have an 80s’ music playlist and a Christmas playlist also, that I listen to all year round because why not?

2. Play Face Raiders on my 3DS

Because there is nothing more soothing than hitting my enemies’ faces with yellow balls in 3D. At least, that is the alternative where I don’t get arrested. Yay!



1. Read through my old birthday cards.

I kept them all, from ever since I was 6 years old. I even have a special drawer for all the birthday cards I’ve received and while reading through them, I can only feel the love. Some of the cards are handmade, some were bought in special cards shop, some are huge and some are tiny but they are all very special to me.

That’s it. That was my feel-good activities list. The order is not actually relevant of the importance or effectiveness of the said activities. Sometimes combinations work better and sometimes a nice long bubble bath while eating M&Ms is all I need to feel better 😉


Lex x.


Pokemon Throwback

10 Jan

On January 8th, Nintendo held a special Nintendo Direct presentation specifically to announce a brand new Pokémon game. Launching worldwide (minus a few countries-probably Mauritius among them) in October of 2013, Pokémon X and Y are exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS.

Here’s the trailer that I’ve been watching again and again for the past 20hrs:

Some people are going all like: “ahh Pokémon! How you tease us so? Now we gotta buy a 3DS!” Well, I don’t mind. I’ve been wanting a 3DS for a while(a few months does count as a lot to me!) so maybe this will just finally convince my parents that I neeeeeed a 3DS. I don’t think it will and I’m planning on buying one by myself anyway so it doesn’t matter 🙂

I’m a huge Pokémon fan but my relationship with those fictional, adorable and dangerously wow-ish “animals” was not always a faithful one. This story starts in 2000. I’m a five year old little girl whose daddy is about to bring her to the cinema for the first time! I’m super excited and all because it’s a Pokémon movie and I love Pokémon! You have probably guessed which movie it was. Yep. Pokémon: The Movie 2000. Gosh! The first thing I realized as the movie started was that I had already watched it at home on VCR. But it didn’t matter. It was my first experience with a cinema, with popcorn and eating in the dark. It was pretty cool. But then when you’re 5 everything is kind of cool 😛 There was a quote in this movie that I remembered forever. It was probably one of the first play on words that I had ever heard and I did use it in primary school. That quote made Misty a favorite in my heart.

“He’s not my boyfriend! He’s a boy and he’s a friend, but he’s not a boyfriend!”

It was probably about then that the obsession began: Pokémon tees, Pikachu shoes, Pikachu slippers, Pikachu birthday cake, Pikachu plush toys ^^

Me and my little sister :)we are not that cute anymore..

Me and my little sister 🙂
we are not that cute anymore..

Birthday ^^

Birthday ^^

It was also about then that I started collecting Pokémon figurines. I had hundreds of them. I actually remember the shop my parents bought them from-it’s not there anymore now- and I remember playing with them. Then something terrible happened. I grew up. Pokémon: The Movie 2000 was the only Pokémon movie to be released in theatres in Mauritius. The first video game came out in 1996. I was one! Actually it was not until 2007 that my parents decided I could have Nintendo DS lite. This has been my first hand-held console and since I’m still using it in 2012 you can guess they did not buy another for me(interesting fact though, my mom has a DSi). Well, a time came where I felt I had to leave my childhood behind and I threw away/gave to charity all my beloved figurines. Today, I still regret that decision. Damn! I was so stupid! Why hadn’t anyone stopped me??

Anyway, my first Pokémon game was the Platinum version. This game reunited me with Pokémon and reignited my obsession. The rest followed:

2013-01-02 11.45.29

So you can guess how excited I am about Pokémon X and Y! I feel it will be awesome. It’s going to take place in a place based on Europe, that’s amazing because I’ve always dreamt of visiting Europe and in some way that’ll be a kinda tour 😛 Moreover, the fire-type starter Pokémon, Fennekin looks cute and fierce at the same time. I like that! Oh and yeah..I always start with the fire-type. I don’t really know why, maybe I just like the power of fire(marry me, Johnny Storm!).

Not only will it be a great 3D game but it will also give me the opportunity to get myself a new hand-held console! I’ve had my eye on the Midnight Purple 3DS. I absolutely love the color-that’s great because the other 3DS colors did not appeal to me. At all. Purple rules.

Well well, that was me recalling my life adventure with Pokémon. They were created the year I was born, 1995. I’ve always considered that a kind of omen that implied I had to like them and play the games. Now I hope they won’t end the year I die but continue to spread happiness in the hearts of children, teenagers, parents and gamers 🙂