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Canada, University and Halloween

26 Oct

It’s been slightly over two months since I’ve set foot in Canada and I think it’s a good thing I waited all this time before writing down my impressions on this blog. The first weeks were…disorienting and challenging to say the least. It took some time adjusting to the weather and the bland food, and to be honest, the first 2 weeks I was convinced I would never be able to make friends and that I might as well lock myself in my room forever. I was sad, lonely and homesick. I spent my birthday being sad, lonely and homesick.

Then the roommate took things in hand. She bought a How To Train Your Dragon poster and stated that if it did not fall overnight- all my posters had been falling off the wall, I blame the sticky tack- we were gonna make friends that day. It did not fall. We made friends. They are pretty awesome people.

Thank you, Toothless and Hiccup. 

That’s when I realised that people who choose a liberal arts university tend to have a lot in common. They all tend to be geeks and nerds. Book nerds, gamers, movie geeks, music freaks…you name it. I love it! Quite soon after that, our room became one of the social ones- who would have thought, huh? There can still be people here at 2a.m debating on how corrupt FIFA is or just watching Sherlock or Disney movies. Because yes.

Besides, classes have been going pretty well. We are to take 5 classes per semester and the first year, it can be as random as you can make it. I chose intro to criminology, intro to cultural anthropology, Japanese, Latin and Spanish. My crim class is all about learning theories of crime through movies. So far we’ve watch Double IndemnityFrankenstein, Psycho and Taxi Driver and I think I’ve discovered myself a fondness for film noir. Also, learning three languages at the same time is quite something. Not something I would recommend but something I really enjoy, no matter how confusing it gets. I’m pretty proud of myself for being able to read hiragana and knowing the cases of words in Latin. I’m not saying it’s not challenging, it is- I promised myself to not say it is hard- but I find it extremely rewarding when I do get things. A bit like with maths but actually fun. So you could say that so far, yo hablo seis idiomas…kinda. I’m planning on learning Italian and Greek too, because why not? I love languages. *maniacal laughter*

So, you could say I finally feel at home. I have posters, postcards and pictures of my friends and family on my walls. The roommate and I found a cleaning/tidying and laundry routine. We bought Nandos sauce to add to pretty much everything we eat. We found other international students with similar habits and customs. Things are going pretty well.


Anyways, let’s get down to what I really wanted to write about: Halloween. Next week is gonna be my first Halloween and last night was my first Halloween party. I must say, back when I realised I was going to Canada for my studies, I was super hyped for this. I’ve always wanted to dress up and honestly, in Mauritius there are not many opportunities to do so. I never thought I’d be apprehensive about it…I never imagined I would not feel like picking up a costume. My first Halloween threatened who I am fundamentally. I felt a lot like Cady from Mean Girls. I am the girl from Africa who moves to North America. Well, maybe that is a bit exaggerated. I mean, I did know what Halloween was all about. I knew about all the “slutty” costumes because…Internet. However, living it turned out being very different from observing it online from across the world.


I did not want to play the sexy card and just be a sexy cat, a sexy vampire or a sexy magician. No offense intended to those who do, it’s just really not me and I like being me. Until about 6 hours before the party was to start, I did not feel like going, I had not found a costume I would like wearing and I just felt like eating bacon in bed. That’s when, while walking around in the mall, I saw a couple of things that gave me the perfect Halloween costume idea for me.

Rainbow Dash/Batgirl :D

Rainbow Dash/Batgirl 😀

I personally think these two go really well together, especially on me. Batman behind me seems to approve. Hell yeah.

Funny how despite the fact that I was wearing a skirt, some people just assumed I was Batman… Honestly, I’d rather be Batgirl than Batman. Less issues. Nicer hair. Same badassness.

*sigh* Writing all this made me hungry. I’m gonna make spicy ramen noodles in my microwave. So long 😉


P.S: If you feel particularly proud of where you are from and you feel like spending a bit on a stranger, you could send me a postcard to add to my collection. Comment or contact me through Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr and we can talk about it. You’ll find the links in my “Contact me, maybe?” page.


Young Justice, and my other experiences with TV shows

19 Jul

I am wretched, miserable, pathetic… I can’t believe this is happening again.. I’m watching a TV show, following it loyally and excitedly aaaaand it got canceled. I’ve had it for FlashForward, Hellcats, Common Law and now Young Justice. I know I’m late about this(yes 7 months late) but bear with me, I get the french channels and the french shows in Mauritius so it gets to me a bit later but then I watched the whole 2 seasons online. I.. I.. I’m broken-hearted about this show. The storylines were great, the voice actors were great, the characters were great, the art was terrific. I loved it, it got me so excited. There was even a season 2 so I got all hopeful and then bam! It left me with no warning..shattering my hopes with my heart.. Just when I started to really fantasize on Nightwing~because come on he’s HOT. I already found little Dick cute as Robin, with the ears and all, but dang! puberty did a greeaat job with him!

nightwing is so hot

And I’m being such a fangirl!  I’ve been looking at pictures and gifs for days now…yup, Tumblr and Fanpop are my friends. It’s been a while since I’ve not felt this way about a fictional character-since Nightcrawler from X-Men Evolution~notice my seeming obsession with those whose names start with ‘night’. Is that a coincidence? I think not.

But coming back to the point, Young Justice got canceled… And to think that Cartoon Network’d rather cancel a great DC show and go on airing stuff like Adventure Time, The Regular Show and that stupid Gumball show…we clearly see how morals and sensibility are important values and qualities CN does not want kids to have. Nah let’s just make them see stupid and irresponsible stuff. Bleh. Sorry, I may be biased about it but then no, no I’m not sorry actually. Oh and people should stop fooling themselves, a brightly colored cartoon isn’t necessarily made for kids. Adventure Time and Gumball-thing may look cute and colorful but that’s just it. Wait no, that’s not even it-cute, I mean.

shit cn

Okay so yes I’m broken-hearted and p*ssed off and yes I cried a little(Big lie. I cried a lot) but I’m also making such a big deal about it because I’m scared. I’m scared and quite anxious about my future and my career. Okay I don’t think I’ll be going for animated series or cartoons but concerning TV shows, one never knows 😉 The thing is FlashForward and Common Law were really good shows and their plots were quite original. FlashForward got an 8.2/10 rating on TV.com and Common Law got a 7.6/10 rating on IMDb and if that’s not good I don’t know what is. These shows got canceled due to poor views. So now I’m thinking what if these shows were not that good and I’m the one who’s got poor taste, then maybe I’m not supposed to try my hand at movie or TV show directing. Besides, one can see that a lot of work went through the making of these shows; be it for the special effects of FF, the dance routines and cheer-leading acrobatics on Hellcats or the stunts in Common Law. People have worked their *sses off on these shows, sweat and money were thrown into these projects, only to have them canceled after one season… Now that, that is what scares me. So much investment amounting to virtually nothing. The moment your show gets on TV and you start gathering fans from all over the world is not really a victory then… and when you least expect it you can be cut off, just like that. Okay, maybe I am overreacting. But then maybe I’m not. I’m just a tad bit anxious about my choice of career for the moment.


Oh and I’m getting really annoyed with the cancellation of shows I like just like that. And Young Justice didn’t even have a ratings problem, no? Don’t they ever think about the fans? Well maybe if we didn’t live in such a ‘profit is our only motive’-society things would be different but until the time comes when the sales of mugs, toys, t-shirts and iphone cases will stop determining the fate of cartoons I guess I’ll have to bear with it. Let me quote an article from comicbookmovie.com,

“As far as helping bring the show back, Weisman stated that fans needed to support the MERCHANDISE particularly the trade of the tie-in comic book, the upcoming video game Young Justice: Legacy and the official soundtrack to the series. “Honestly, they don’t care if no one watches the show as long as the toys sell,” echoed Phil Lamarr.

The studios are not run by artists anymore, now they are run by suits who clearly only care about the cash. Investors want their money back, that’s all they care about. If they don’t see the return, they will shut the project down. That’s sad. You may say it’s the harsh reality of life but I’ll tell you that life was never about making profit- after all humans are the only creatures on Earth who pay to live here- and that these men in suits are clearly missing the point. Whatever happens the fandom will never disappear because the fandom is not about the money.
Well until what fans and artists have to stay start counting just as much as the businessmen’s opinions , yes I will still be wretched, miserable and pathetic but also determined to make things change!