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What’s worse: pain or discomfort?

2 Aug

Today I had a dentist appointment. I had to get a mould of my upper jaw for a retainer again because someone knocked my retainer off a table and managed to land a book on it, all that accidentally. I must say that’s pretty impressive…and also very annoying. Not that I loved my retainer but I had gotten used to it and I had accepted its purpose as important. I had grown to accept that the most annoying part about the retainer was making the mould, not wearing it all the time. So I took good care of it but accidents happen and it was decided I would face my doom again today. It was the third time I had to do this and it does not get better. Note that this is not the case for everyone, I just have a gagging problem when it come to this horrible plastic paste and the metal plate that takes too much space. It is not painful. It’s just uncomfortable.

That’s when it hit me that I’d rather spend over 2 hours under a tattoo needle than less than minute with this thing in my mouth. I’d say in that case, discomfort is worse than pain to me. Just in that case? Let me reflect on the ‘pain’ experiences that I’ve had. I’ve got scraps and wounds like any kid – one time I fell down and got really ugly scraps on both my knees, my elbow, my lip and my left eyebrow and to this day I’m not that sure how it happened; I broke my arm more than a couple of times; I cracked a bone in my neck; I’ve had horrible menses pain; I’ve had nearly as horrible braces pain; I got waxed and depilated; and last February I got tattooed. None of these seem worse than upper jaw moulding.


Seems small but this did take about two hours. Probably because the tattoo artist took his time, took breaks that were convenient for both of us and talked a lot. He talked to get me to think of something else than the pain, he offered me a drink, I was told I could stop him at any moment I could not hold the pain and there was music. I don’t know about you, but in my opinion, music makes a big difference. Thinking of it now, professional tattoo artists are way better at putting their clients at ease than dentists. Well, my dentist at least. See, if the experience is not gonna be a pleasant one, might as well make the person comfortable. I guess that’s the philosophy of tattoo artists.

So what’s worse, pain or discomfort? When I was about 5, I broke my arm and when my dad asked me if I was in pain I said ‘no’. I literally said I had nothing and that I was fine. I don’t remember how painful it was but what I remember is how annoying it is to shower with a plastic bag on the plaster on your left arm. This may be an interesting anecdote but it does not really answer the question. If you have an answer, tell me in the comments- be it here or on Facebook.

Oh and by the way, I recently got my visa and I’m leaving for Canada soon for a four-year university experience! Yay! This said, my next posts will most likely be travel related. If you are leaving soon too, you might relate and find tips or even share your own tips 🙂