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The Wonderland Experience

15 May

Picture it & Write is a weekly creative writing prompt hosted by the Ermilia coauthors, Ermisenda and Eliabeth. Here’s my contribution to this week’s challenge:

Diary of a junkie Goddess.

Day 1.

Wonderland. Yes, they taste exactly like Wonderland. Bitter and yet so sweet, like an adrenaline rush where all feelings confuse themselves and tears mix with laughing and anxiety is overwhelming despite this feeling of paradise. It feels perfect and yet, it’s like being trapped in an unfamiliar and confusing world.  Everything is so cold but I can sense a fire burning inside of my body, inside every bone, tissue and muscle. I stared at the glowing plastic tin between my fingers and realized that my vision is getting blurry- probably a side-effect. I tried to decipher the tag on the tin… ‘God’s brew’, was it? And what was written in tiny characters just there? “Poison” or “Magic”? It did not seem to make any difference. Poison or not it was not killing me- not yet- and it felt too good to stop.


I held my head up and told the guy looking down at me, “I’m gonna take ’em. The pills. Yes, yes, the whole bottle. They are too… hmm whoa! How much are they?”

The guy smiled, no it was a grin. His eyes were hard. And despite his bare chest it was obvious that he meant business and nothing else. He ran his aluminium artificial third hand in his hair. Was he nervous? He had probably taken a huge risk just by letting me taste one pill…but he must have known I would buy them all. After all it was hard to imagine anyone able to resist God’s brew. It was hard to even imagine anyone not desirous to yield to this wonderful Wonderland.

“50 bucks”

I gulped. That was..a lot for a tiny bottle. I bit my lip, so that was how people could resist. The price would clearly be a deterrent to most. But not to me. I had money. Tons of money. It did not make me happy though. Not my money, not my cars, not my white marble mansion, not my ivory bracelets. No, nothing made me feel as good as God’s brew just had. Not even ecstasy or psychedelics. God’s brew was better. God’s brew was worth it. Besides I wanted more pills and Mr. Metal-hand was probably not gonna let me have some more free samples. I rummaged through my pockets, took out some crumpled bills and straightened them the best I could do. I handed them over. He quickly counted the notes, nodded at me and as he walked away he disappeared in the darkness of the night.

I sat down on the bench beside me. The air was getting cooler and I shivered. A coy smile played on my lips. “Time for another pill or two” I murmured to myself as I popped a couple of the glowing capsules in my mouth. I waited a few seconds, patient and excited, then it began. My tongue caught fire and my brain exploded in a kaleidoscope that streamed in front of my eyes. Lovely. I heard a chorus of angels singing Bohemian Rhapsody as everything turned blurry and bright. Godly. I remembered Keys’ song; this girl is on fire. Ooh yeah! I was on fire. I was strong, beautiful, invincible: a flame in the night. That’s when I decided, that night would be the last night I felt weak and this for the rest of my life. These pills were the key.

They felt like magic. Too good to be true. They felt like poison too. Too good to be good. But who cared about ‘good’? I did not. I had freed myself. Freedom, magic, poison; all three in one pill. That is hell. Yet, that was heaven to me. The heaven where I reigned as Goddess.


The Magic Queen Of The World

2 Feb

Lately, I’ve been getting really upset about my future. I am 17 and I will finish high school this year and I still have no idea what kind of career I want to pursue. No frigging idea. Nada. Actually that’s not true, I’ve had plenty of ideas but none of them seem to suit my very difficult mind. I’ve wanted to be a writer, then a screenwriter, then a movie director, then a journalist, then an actress, then a businesswomen, then an interior decorator and I keep changing my mind. You could say I am fickle minded- and you would probably be right- but there’s more to it than being inconstant. I have two main worries about my career: wages and excitement. I really wish I could find myself a super well-paid job(I’m not keeping my hopes up too high on that though) but what matters the most to me is that I don’t want to get bored. I don’t want a job where it’s everyday the same thing. Filing and doing sums or sitting at a desk in an office staring at a PC everyday is not my thing. I need to express myself, be creative and maybe be surrounded by people like me oh! and make loatsa money. Yeah… Maybe I am asking too much… But then I’m still keeping my fingers crossed! 😀

My friends are telling me not to worry too much about my future career- they say I still have time. The thing is I’m a worrier and I panic a lot when I over-think and I’ve been over-thinking a lot these days. My boyfriend is being a real sweetie; encouraging me in whatever direction I come up with and only making fun of me every two hours. He’s even already willing to invest in my amazing business-to-be. Whatever it could be. Awww ^^

I’m probably just gonna ruin him though.

Anyway, in an attempt to get those career prospects off my mind for a while, I’m gonna make a little list of stuff I would do if I were The Magic Queen of the World- my ultimate dream job- at least for one day. Yep. I’ve always wanted to rule the world. (Pinky: “Gee, Brain, what do you want to do tonight?” The Brain: “The same thing we do every night, Pinky—try to take over the world!”) Muahahahaha!

1. Eliminate racism, homophobia, cancer and hunger with my magic wand! What? Anything is possible for The Magic Queen of the World!

2. Make the poorest kids in the world switch place with the richest celebrities- like in Freaky Friday. It’d sure be fun to watch.

3. Get some really smart scientist to build me a machine that will send me to the world of Pokémon! Or use my magic wand to get there by myself. The machine is a cool idea though..hmm..

4. Ban the construction of dirty energy powered factories or electrical plants. Death penalty for whoever disobeys. We don’t have time to play with Mother Nature anymore.

5. Eat my favorite food all day. And since I don’t have one favorite food there’s sure to be a shortage of crepes, pasta, burritos, nuggets, biryani, boulettes and so on. No I’m not ashamed. Food is my best friend. The best friend I can eat without being accused of cannibalism.

6. Bring back the green Creme Soda to Mauritius. I miss that drink.. It should rain Creme Soda sometimes..

7. Make a gigantic stock of blue WKD vodka for when I’m down or when I want to party. But then I never want to party. I hope I’ll be down often then.

8. Get myself my own private cook. Give him a superpower that makes him never get tired.

9. Stop time. Get a degree in everything I want and try out all my dream careers.

10. Keep my dog alive forever. And make him Prince of the World. Get him a private cook too.

That’s all I can think of right now because it’s late and I’m sleepy. It’s a nice list I think..but it’s not the list of things I would do if I took over the world. No..that would be may more violent an bloody. Joking 😛 or am I?